Still Curious?

Read about our stories and dig deeper into the arts-based and immersion pedagogy that guides our curriculum development.

Why Immersion?
As intimidating as it sounds, students of all English levels engage in complete immersion when they walk through the doors of Enspire. Immersion has been proven an efficient and fruitful means of Second Language Acquisition. Especially at young ages when the brain is flexible, immersion propels fluency and confidence in utilization.
Why Arts-Integration?
An arts-based classroom allows for three core developments: agency, critical thinking, and vulnerability. As students engage in the process of creating, they learn to take purposeful action and to recognize their agency. The arts also raises questions. When students evaluate, analyze, or create art, they are stirred to look critically at new perspectives. Throughout it all, the creative process challenges students to step outside their comfort zone, helping build a foundation of trust between students and counselors.