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About Enspire Korea

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire disadvantaged youths in Korea through an arts-integrated immersion model of English language learning. We provide free English education that prioritizes interactive conversations with native speakers, fostering a low-pressure and low-stress environment. By promoting enjoyable learning experiences, we aim to cultivate a love for language and appreciation for diverse cultures among our students.

About Enspire Korea

In an increasingly globalized world, English is an invaluable asset, particularly in South Korea, where extracurricular tutoring and counseling serve as driving forces of the academic culture. However, there is a startling disparity in English educational opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. In an attempt to address this discrepancy, Enspire Korea aims to increase access to English education for elementary and middle school students from low-income families.

In our 'English Immersion Lab' learning model, we utilize instructional one-on-one sessions, interactive group activities, and engaging arts-based projects. We hope to create a space in which students can learn English while having fun, fostering positive relationships, and building character. At the core of our unconventional English-learning model is a holistic approach to students, understanding that learning is lifelong and that education permeates into all dimensions of their lives.

Every student should have the opportunity to receive an education that reminds them that they are not defined by their socioeconomic status. Beyond simply teaching English, our goal is to instill in students a passion for learning and a desire for growth. Through recurrent immersion, exposure to engaging activities, and sustained mentorship, we seek to challenge students beyond academics. By utilizing a unique approach to integrated learning, we hope that each child will leave the lab feeling stimulated, empowered, and inspired.


Hwa Pyung Yoo and Su Jean Park are Korean-American residents of Seoul who are passionate about serving God, education, and youth development.

Hwa Pyung Yoo

Hwa Pyung is an educator and researcher specializing in multicultural education as a PhD candidate at Harvard University. Prior to Enspire, Hwa Pyung has worked as a teacher in Spain and South Korea where he worked as a language educator. As a researcher, he has conducted education policy and program evaluations and provided recommendations for improving quality and equity for clients including UNESCO, Education Commission, and the U.S. Department of Education. He strongly believes in the educational value of the arts and enjoys all-things art from painting, photography, to film and photography. Ask him about his favorite authors! Hwa Pyung received his Masters (‘23) in International Development from the Paris School of International Affairs and his Bachelors (‘19) in Cognitive Neuroscience from Villanova University

Su Jean Park

Su Jean graduated from the University of Notre Dame (‘19) where she played Women’s Rugby (fullback), with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Business Administration. An avid sports fan, dark chocolate lover, and environmentalist (#zerowaste), she grew up moving around the world from California, New Jersey, New York, Jakarta, to Seoul. She has experience serving with and leading youth organizations including VBS, AWANA, UNICEF, Camp Helen Brachman, and Perley Fine Arts Academy.